One Fine Day

The other day I had the privilege of spending a day with a graceful 97-year-young lady. She’s the mother in law of my good friend. She lives alone! Yes some assistants are ready at her disposal, but she practically lives by herself. 

Still looking gorgeous as ever, she took control of her household interior design. Being aware of her Dutch root, I brought her a souvenir from the Netherlands. She liked it, and immediately ordered her assistant to put it on the credenza, exactly where she wanted it. 

She let me watch her getting ready for high tea, which had to be exactly at 4:00pm every day. Her assistant helped her make up, put some pink blush on, lipstick, and finally sprayed her favorite perfume. Then the assistant dragged a hanger of her clothing from the closet. She chose her outfit carefully. Final touch would be wearing her jewelry. Next she was ready for high tea which her beloved daughter in law had prepared. After that, the three of us having high tea in a very proper manner.

She told us about her glorious past and many accomplishments she acquired. I could feel her young energy within. Our formal high tea was over by 6:00 pmas it was time for her to play bridge in the computer. Yes, bridge, the game. I watched her playing bridge for a while and then departed in awe. Old age is just a number. What’s inside us should not stop growing and glowing.