Dr. Lee Brain Academia is a center dedicated to helping people in optimizing brain function. It is founded by Dr. Swati Lee, Doctor of Education from Durham University, England. 

At Dr. Lee Brain Academia, we believe that dementia and other brain damage can be prevented when we do the right brain exercise, as human brain has the amazing ability to change throughout life, to reorganize itself by forming new connection between neurons. It is called brain plasticity. 

Brain plasticity occurs throughout human lifetime, from cradle to grave. While arguably there are times called golden age, different types of brain plasticity are stronger during certain periods of human age and less prevalent during other periods. 

Brain plasticity occurs during normal brain development for babyhood to adulthood. In this development period, primarily the plasticity of learning and memory is developed. Brain plasticity also occurs as an adaptive mechanism to compensate for lost functions due to brain injury.

Scientists have been debating whether some people might possess the genetic factor leading to stronger brain plasticity than other. But one thing for sure, environmental factor plays a major key role in influencing plasticity. Human brain is shaped by the characteristics of environment where the person lives and also by the actions made by the same person. 

So let us not talk about the things we cannot change such as genetic factors or given grace by God. Let us focus on how we live and what actions we do to shape our brains in a positive way. 

Many suggest that doing the crossword puzzles and sudoku is like the only way to keep our brains well. Maybe for some people it is all right doing it everyday. 
But ( we think ???? ) it is really boring! 

In Dr. Lee Brain Academia programs, we will learn how to preserve our brain function the fun ways. We guarantee everyone would enjoy our programs! 

There are three aspects of activities exercised:

The main theme of all activities are fun, fun, and fun

It is our utmost desire to grow old gracefully together with you all