Boys will be Boys

My husband’s hobby is cycling. He has a group of cyclists. This year they did a cycling trip in Japan. I came along. No, no, I’m not cycling. Just supporting beloved hubby and following the cyclist by car. These boys ages range from 55 to 70. Now you would guess they went fun-cycling with an average speed of a slug. Actually no, not a slug, a panther maybe! They went at around 50 km per hour, hopping islands in 7 days, from Onomichi to Omishima to Imabari to Kure. 

At night we took a good rest at some local Ryokan along the way. Ryokan is a traditional Japanese hotel with tatami beds. For seven days we lived like nomads, hopping islands. We ate local street food. The most important of all, we had a lot of fun together. We all came home with fresh body and mind.

Having fun is one of the keys to preserving brain functions.